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Senior Product Manager


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The new Senior Product Manager has to act as a bridge between the stakeholders and the analytics&leadership team through building great relationships, supporting and challenging with skill & holding leaders to account for full delivery. Openness and integrity are a must.

The Senior Product Manager has to:

  • Visualize data into actionable dashboards to support better, faster decisions
  • Enable democratization of analytics self-service ecosystem
  • Ensure that we have governed metrics & KPIs
  • Own the product direction / roadmap
  • Establish, build and lead the product team
  • Ensure the utilisation and adoption of the products for decisions
  • Be able to influence at all levels of the business from Analysts to CFO
  • Be able to generate ideas, driving decisions through dynamic analysis, often requiring creativity to find a solution around a business issue; ability to think in the future and anticipate trends and opportunities and position against this to deliver future value is a must.
  • Lead and educate the data visualisation team from a functional perspective and demonstrate exceptional leadership
  • Collaborate with technical partners that help facilitate strategic objectives and drive business plans, road maps, and requirements
  • Develop a product feature and release roadmap based on business strategies, in-depth data analysis, and a clear understanding of business and end user needs
  • Drive value-based prioritization by assessing the business impact of different data product solutions and the trade-offs between customer needs, technology requirements and costs
  • Implement and evolve best in class approach to reporting & data enablement through a robust and consistent improvement process.
  • Define and plan high-level and detailed business deliverables and manage the day to day execution of data product releases.


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