Business Analyst / Business Process Analyst

Business Analyst / Business Process Analyst


Business Analyst

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We are looking for a Business Analyst / Business Process Analyst who will join the long-term project opportunity of our client. You will be responsible for elaborating and implementing the available products and services through processes that creates workplace experiences that increase productivity, inspire innovation, drive employee satisfaction, enhance mobility and facilitate cultural change.

• Takes part in the compilation of case studies and collection of business requirements and prerequisites. Participates in the elaboration of the way of service delivery in a process- and customer-oriented approach considering best practices and effectiveness and participates that the services will be in operation by the predefined deadline.

• Explores and determines the relevance of existing processes, analyses process gaps (regarding the existing and expected service and/or product delivery) and prepares and submits proposal for process modification.

• Designs integrated processes and/or process changes, prepare proposal on the implementation and takes part in implementation thereof. Manages business process modelling of service delivery.

• Collects, prioritises and specifies business process change requests, prepares cost-benefit calculations for the approval thereof. Prepares proposal on information technology solutions that satisfy both business requirements and information technology system capabilities.

• Elaborates process measurement, process KPIs, and applies these in pilot projects. Considering the results revises the systems and/or the processes to improve efficiency and user experience.

• Co-ordinate and take part in the preparation of project documentations, prepares process descriptions, regulations according to the guidelines.


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