Become A Project Manager! Project Management Basics With Practical Examples

We keep all our trainings both on-site or interactive on-line form.

During the two-day training, the participants can get acquainted with the methods of projecting tasks, developing a project approach, and operating them. They can master the whole process of project management in a comprehensive way, the individual process elements, their connection, and interaction, all with a strong practical focus.

Who do we recommend it to?

For everybody, who wants to understand the basic principles of project management


  • History of project management, basic concepts, main trends (PMI®, Prince, IPMA)
  • Differences between project work and daily routine
  • Stakeholders and their management
  • Project planning (scope, time, budget, resource, quality)
  • Risk management
  • Implementation of the project
  • Project control and supervision
  • Project closure and evaluation
  • Project management “soft skills”


Audience :
Ideal participants are trainee project managers, project members, organizational leaders, small business leaders who want to develop towards a project approach, strengthen their managerial and practical knowledge by learning the project methodology, and lead even more successful projects and organizations.
16 hours (16 PDU)
Practical examples, project simulation, interactive problem solving
HUF 180.000 + VAT
Discounted price:
HUF 162.000 + VAT
December 8-9, 2021.
*The advertised training will be launched when 10 people apply.


Profexec certificate

Discounted price

  • For PMI and PMSZ members, we offer a 10% discount for 30 years and over 50 years.
  • If at least 3 people from a company apply for training.