Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing provides a flexible solution in case of temporary staff, new projects, or seasonal labor shortages. In addition to recruitment, we reduce HR and payroll tasks on the customer side, thus reducing administrative tasks.

Our main professional areas: Project Management, Business Analysis, and Project Management Support Services

When is temporary staffing necessary?

Why choose us?


  • We only undertake searches that we can fill
  • We work with a professionally committed team
  • We work in a priority customer relationship system

Search Methodology

  • Use of own database
  • We use a Boolean search method on the workforce platforms
  • Candidate statement through our professional network

Expert team

  • Our efficient and fast-working recruitment team will send the best-suited candidates to the task in the shortest possible time
  • Qualified professionals, the core team of 60+ people, a database of 1000 experts
  • Continuous training of project managers and business analysts

What do we provide to our customers?

You only pay the agreed fixed monthly fee, and we coordinate all administrative and reporting activities. 


Within 5 working days, we will present relevant specialists to fulfill the request.  


There is no obstacle to finding and employing foreign-speaking workers in case of special needs. 



Recruitment process

Profile and competence assessment
Setting up and launching a recruitment strategy
Interviews and candidate selection
Client-side interviews
Admission / HR administration / Payroll
Temporary employment starts
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