Project Managemet Office establishment

Project Managemet Office (PMO) establishment, operation and support

The premise for successful projects and project success – beyond good project managers and project methodologies is the attention to the project life cycle, including selecting appropriate projects, well-prepared kick-off, continuous monitoring, and timely, firmly made management decisions. These tasks can be successfully solved with the help of project management office and through portfolio management processes. In line with our practical knowledge, we can give advice and provide solutions for establishing the project management office and operating with management processes. The goal is the success of the business of our customers with the co-ordination of project and operation. We recommend the steps below: • Selecting and running projects, which are the most important business wise: Project execution must be when timely and strategically is the most lucrative

  • Using the resources for the right purposes and concentrating them
  • Ensuring traceability
  • Escalation process need to be in the right time and well-defined
  • Clear and effective communication, reports and rules
  • Comparability of the project through risk analysis and quality assurance according to the same principles

The survey aims to provide an overview of the maturity of the project office and portfolio management of the organization. To do this, we rely on our market experience and market benchmarks. After the survey, an organization can decide whether and to what extent they want to improve the area. A strategy and tasks can be defined.

Processes and methodology development

The following table summarizes the PMO’s general responsibilities. Based on the survey and the local conditions and expectations, specific areas of activity, processes describing them and supporting methodologies are developed.

Portfolio management PM support Training Admin/HR Documentation
Portfolio information, decision preparation, analysis Risk analysis PM methodology, processes Project settlement Information portal, web tools
Planning, forecasting, pursuing strategy goals Audit PM tools, templates, regulations Resource Recruitment PM/PPM software management
Reporting and Lifecycle Management Project support Certifications Data collection, information sharing Knowledge management
Priorization techniques Mentoring, soft skill development Carrier path planning Contract management Project Documents’ Library
Resource management Help desk Lessons learned KPIs, bonuses
Managing changes

We consider it important to highlight portfolio management among PMO functions, where the PMO acts as a facilitator for the decisions that determine the portfolio and the fate of the projects. It plays a key and proactive role in the role of the project office in building the best portfolio. Scheduled, informed, transparent, decision-making portfolio management is an important factor in the efficiency of the company, making it clear the role and responsibilities of the project office and other organizational units. To perform this function you will need:

  • developing a portfolio management model (defining steps, gate, stage)
  • portfolio management tools: typing, prioritization, balancing, portfolio risk analysis
PMO, Portfolio management and setting up a PM organization, supporting operation

Developing the following elements is key to setting up your organization

  • governance process
    • how to integrate it into corporate processes,
    • operating rules of decision forums, templates,
      • harmonization with BAU decision-making, annual planning,
      • role of demand management, BA, controlling, operation
  • resource management (resource types, bottlenecks, planning, allocation, back metering)
  • PMO operation
    • o what processes and resources do the two serve (prioritization, collection, validation, meeting organization, templates, portfolio reports, roles, responsibilities)
  • PMO team building (recruitment, training)
  • evangelization, communication
  • feedback system (project KPI, portfolio, resource)

Key elements of PMO operation support include:

  • People
    • trainings
    • coaching
    • PM and PMO mediation and support
  • Projects
    • Methodology for problematic projects
    • Project quality assurance
    • Project audit
  • Portfolio
    • Strategy alignment test (risk)
    • Resource and countdown
    • demand management
Development of PM and Portfolio Management Manuals

The manual incorporates already established processes and organizational frameworks into an operational document as follows:

  • decision forums, their operation
  • steps, materials to prepare the decision
  • regular communication of the decision-making process
  • to coordinate portfolio planning and annual planning
  • a summary of the concepts and methods needed for operation
  • project types
  • project prioritization, balancing,
  • resource planning and portfolio balancing
  • portfolio level risk disclosure
  • portfolio reports, analyzes