Managing and leading projects

Leading projects
If a company always delegates internal project managers to their projects, this can result in spending over the budget, moreover, it can result in loss of capacity or lack of competence regarding the certain project. With our project management services, we provide solution for frequent problemsmentioned above. We provide the best qualified project manager professionals during the whole project. We support the work of the delegated project manager, we provide replacement in case of sickness or holiday. If our client requires, we take responsibility for the project key indicators and we are open to establish remuneration in connection with project succes. We support and supervise the work of delegated project managers, also can provide substitute during sickness and leave. If our client requests we take responsibility for the key indicators of the project, and we are open to agree on unique payment structor in accordance with the project success.
Project management, crisis management

Our service is aimed to rescue a critical project. We assess the status of the project and then develop an action plan for the crisis management method. A key element is our many years of project management experience and external monitoring. Crisis management requires strong communication and affected coping skills. We will continue to follow the project until it returns to a re-defined target, time, cost and quality framework acceptable to stakeholders.

Project Management Consulting

This may be one or a combination of the following tasks:

  • Assisting project managers with professional advice during the project
  • Examining the existing project management structure and making suggestions for modifications
  • Introducing a new project management structure, setting up a project management office
  • Launching projects and initial monitoring, supporting the project managers.
Project Management Administration

Our company supports the daily work of the project managers. We integrate into the customer project management organization and project office and we document the project according to the project office structure.

Project Management Outsourcing

In this case the goal of the client is to gather the project management to an external organization and receiving project management as a service. In this case the customer does not have to maintain an internal project management organization, they can use project management resourses and services depending on the project dynamics and variable resource requirements. If requested, our company takes over the customer’s resources, complete them with new resources and train them. Because our focus is on project management the quality of service will increase.