General ICT Consulting

In addition to project management and information security consulting shown above is a result of over 15 years of industry background to provide the following consulting services.

ICT service delivery and operation, organization development and interim management

We provide business development solutions in services and operations for large companies and SMEs serving large companies. On ICT service topic, we mean planning, delivery, installation, integration and operation of IT and telecommunication software and hardware equipments. During organizational development consultancy we examine the current operation of the organization and make suggestions for optimization of processes, resource management, service and operational key indicators based on the needs of our client. During our interim management services we provide a professional project manager who has multi-year experience in ICT services or operations, that may be required in case of gap management, organizational change, or involvement of an appropriate expert. We support and supervise the interim manager during the performance in the project.

Development of IT strategy

Strategic planning is essential because we can focus resources and create order in the operation of the organization. Our service supports our customers in determining their current IT position, identifying gaps and developing the strategy.

Development and optimization of IT processes

ITIL-based service management is helpful in answering IT quality issues, to achiev their business goals, they need to use economical, efficient and objectively measurable IT services. Our ITIL-based service management consulting helps our clients in planning, implementing best practices and identifying development opportunities.

System support and operation

We undertake system support, repair services or operation for ICT solutions installed by us or by other suppliers. We have developed packages that are tailored to the size and needs of our customers.

Telecommunications network audit

This activity covers the testing and optimization of mobile and landline networks. It is a typical task to examine a network in terms of cost efficiency, to achieve cost reduction by appropriate topology modification. Another aspect is the study of network technology in terms of modernity and making a modernization proposal.

Telecommunication network design and optimization

We undertake radio planning and optimization of mobile networks with different technologies (2G, 3G, LTE). We provide or integrate interim resources into the network of our client for the given area and  with predefined key indicators. In terms of optimization, it is important to emphasize that we also carry out an endto-end optimization involving a radio and core network.