Gábor Lipi

PMP®, Senior Consultant
I graduated from the Budapest University of Technology in 1992 with a degree in computer science and electrical engineering. In the 90s, I worked for software development companies at home and abroad as a programmer. The most decisive of these was Sysdata Kft. (Siemens subsidiary), where in addition to the developments, I also managed groups and coordinated project work.

I gained my really grounded project management knowledge and experience at Szinergia Kft., In whose team between 1998 and 2014 I worked as a project manager, consultant and trainer for clients covering almost all areas of the economy. My work not only helped the operational management of certain projects, but also strategically, aimed at the design or development of an organizational level resource management and portfolio management system.

I passed the PMP certification exam in early 2003 and have been completing my fifth 3-year certification cycle since then. Before 2003, there was no organized preparation program for PMI exams in Hungary, so I was the first to develop the program in Hungary with a synergetic colleague. In the more than 15 years that have passed since then, I have tried to help nearly 2,000 project management professionals prepare for successful exams. Since 2011, I have been building Internet businesses on my own, and I try to bring together all aspects of its continuous development in a project-like and targeted manner:

PMP and CAPM exam preparation courses
Investment gold retail, sales
Investment gold repurchase

I fully believe that things with us are up to us and our decisions shape our world. Particularly responsible and challenging is the position of project managers, who are really in a position from which they can do things right or wrong, but can influence the way things are going. I agree with PMI's approach that the competence of a successful project manager consists of three components: Project management knowledge - knowledge of connections, processes and methods. Applicability - the ability and willingness to apply existing management knowledge during project work. Inspiring personality - a positive personality and attitude stemming from a personality that helps the project team to swing through ongoing difficulties. I think all three components can be developed for everyone - I hope we will have the opportunity to meet in person to make sure!