Zoltán Sándor Phd
Zoltán Sándor Phd Szabolcs Fűri

I started my studies at the ELTE International Relations department at BSc level, then I obtained an MSc degree in International Management from the University of Buckingham.

I started my professional career in 2014 as a recruitment specialist and then as a senior consultant. In order to achieve my professional development, I spent 3 years from 2017 in a specifically foreign project environment and gained international recruitment experience. Since 2021, I have been working in IT field selection and team management is also an integral part of my everyday life.

Mónika Király Anett Tóth Nikoletta Kőrösi Réka Gyöngyösi Kinga Kotnyek

I got to knew the staffing and recruitment during my apprenticeship of student projects at my BA studies in pedagogy.I am keen to help to other people, thus I decided to continue my studies at ELTE University HR intern specialty.

After three years of work experience I joined to Profexec services. My goal is to further extend my experience in the IT sector, and helping people to reach the most suitable projects.

Klaudia Vámos András Luczay

Up until now I have mostly worked for large, multinational companies. I started my career as a business consultant of banking treasury systems and I led the system implementation and support teams of a banking systems company in the Central-Europe region for 8 years. I have seen many projects in a relatively large number and variety of organizations, I have also run quite a few of them. I am a practitioner of psychodrama self-knowledge method and I am running self-awareness psychodrama groups. This experience has greatly shaped the way I look at any work or project situation nowadays. I consider connectedness of people to be a pre-requisite for the successful completion of any piece of work.  Apart from the technology, the specific industry expertise and all sort of resources all being available available, organizational know-how is also important. Know-how covers all the methodological toolkit and the essential techniques being necessary for the success of a project. The continuous, practice-oriented development of the project team members plays a key role here. I firmly believe in life-long learning and continuous improvement, that has an impact on individual satisfaction and ultimately on the success of projects. My mission is to construct and maintain a high quality training portfolio to help our clients with essential know-how to run projects more smoothly.

Júlia Cseh
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