Free of charge PMO maturity assessment
Free of charge PMO maturity assessment

The PMO maturity survey was developed so that you know the level of development of the project culture in the organization based on objective market comparison and can identify what is to be developed.



Who do we recommend it to?

PMO manager, PMO organizational supervisor, portfolio manager, business and IT manager who want more support from the PMO


  • The PMO maturity survey (benchmark) is to get an idea of the graduation level of our project office, mainly in the enterprise sector, making it comparable to the operation of other PMO’s. This also gives us an idea of the project and portfolio management needs of the organization.
  • The organizational project culture heat map to see the level of development of the project culture in the organization surrounding the PMO.

When should you choose this?

  • If you want to make a comparison with how other PMO’s work on the market
  • If you want to increase the PMO’s reputation or prove that the role of the PMO is taken much more seriously elsewhere
  • If you are in the process of a leader, organizational change or serious development, and you want a base line on the current situation for this.
  • If you want to identify what needs to be developed in the operation of the organizational project and thereby improve the project culture


  • Inputs are processed anonymously. The relevant and current questions of our questionnaire must be answered in the framework of an interview. 3 weeks of processing time and a brief discussion of the results.


  • 2×1 hour consultation online or on-site.


A/ PMO maturity: The PMO maturity data of some companies are represented anonymously on a scale to be compared to other companies, so that the level of maturity of the PMO can be detected and compared on the basis of a uniform system. Since the PMO operates basically according to the needs of the organization, this also assesses the need of the organization for project and portfolio management.


B/ Organizational project culture: an organizational heat map showing the development status of the most important project management tasks from the simplest to the most complex.

C/ High-level action proposals for the development of the project culture: Detailed elaboration



PMO leaders need to make development plans for their leaders from time to time. Profexec can help you with this! We are holding a 3-4-hour workshop with the PMO leader and key people and stakeholders, the aim of which is to determine what project management culture the organization is working in the graduation phase, which areas should be strengthened and what PMO functions are needed for this. This way, you will know what competencies you need to develop in the PMO in order to be the leader of organizational project culture development.


  • Based on the results of the organizational project culture survey, the PMO competency assessment is carried out in order to identify the capabilities that need to be developed in the PMO in order to enable the expected project culture developments to be conducted by the PMO.


  • We are working on the topic in a workshop format. You can expect immediate results.


  • A day-long on-site workshop.

When should you choose this?

  • If you want to see in detail what competencies need to be developed (empowerment, capabilities, capacity) in order to be able to carry out organizational project culture developments
  • If your supervisor needs to put down an organizational development plan and look for additional reasons for this (to increase headcount, increase education budget)
  • If you were appointed as a PMO leader just now and would like to understand the as is situation

Our offer:

  • A product that would give the PMO manager (or similar responsible person) more usable results/ideas to improve the operation of the project office.


A/ Detailed action proposals for the development of project culture

B/ PMO competence heat map, showing the current competences of the PMO and identifying the development actions that, once completed, the PMO will be able to manage the changes in the project culture.


PMO coaching service

What we offer?

The PMO (Project Management Office) is the organization responsible for the development of the project culture and the project and portfolio management processes. The head of the PMO and his/her  team can influence the entire organization through this, so their every step and communication is crucial. The PMO leader is often “alone” in the given organization. In many cases, there is not even a PMO, just an idea that there should be a simple project competence centre – even with a specialist, which can be the first step.

Professionals working in project management, including the head of the PMO, act as a bridge between execution and strategy, and no matter how experienced they may be, in order to properly manage this dual influence, they may need to receive feedback on their ideas and receive consulting (coach) support from experts who they have up-to-date market benchmarks and best practices and can also help with the support of an external eye. At the same time, the PMO manager also needs his colleagues to have the appropriate knowledge and experience, so that the PMO can perform better.

We provide practical, professional support for this with our coaching service.

Who do we recommend?

For new or practicing PMO managers, project directors, portfolio managers, project managers, professionals working in PMOs, professionals involved in project management, experts where the project culture is still at low level and they want to develop it, whether they operate in a large company or SME environment


The topic is chosen by the applicant, which is the most important for him, which he or she wants to develop in, or what “needs to be delivered” at the given moment. It is typical that we work on several local topics by understanding of the approaches suggested by the methodologies, the professional experience of the coach in the given topic, and then we develop the concept for the given company or organizational unit.

The end result of coaching is sometimes a professional confirmation that the directions are right, but most of the time it is a presentation about development concepts, organizational strategy, and new processes. We prepare the presentation according to the pre-arranged work split. If needed, the coach, as a consultant, can also provide support in internal organizational acceptance.

The following topics typically appear with our customers:

  • The PMO manager must make a strategic proposal to the management in relation to organizational transformation, development, staffing and competence development needs – PMO strategic proposals
  • Preparation of appropriate level decision makers for project portfolio statuses and follow-up – Portfolio statements, presentations for senior and middle managers
  • Project reporting method not developed – Development of project report preparation processes, preparation of introduction of PM/PMO support tool, concepts, procedures, etc.
  • A prioritization method has not been developed, while scarce resources can no longer be properly allocated to ongoing projects
  • The human resource management process is not developed and is not linked to portfolio management decisions
  • Benchmark information is needed regarding the operating conditions of the projects – studies, professional materials
  • Processes supporting project operation need improvement, follow-up tools are missing – Project culture maturity assessment and development proposals
  • The operational proposals of a project are not accepted – reviewing and discussing proposals

More information:

We provide support beyond the predetermined coaching hours:

  • If an urgent consultation is required by phone
  • If documents and presentations need to be reviewed or prepared urgently


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