PMO Maturity Survey

About the survey

The PMO maturity survey was carried out in order to get an image of the level of maturity of project offices, especially in the corporate sector. Naturally, the inputs are processed anonymously. Emphasis is on data collection; The relevant and up-to-date questions of our questionnaire must be answered and the answers reflect the maturity of the organisation. Some companies data are plotted on a scale to compare them with other companies, thus detecting, comparing and optimising the level of maturity of the PMO.

Purpose of the survey

  • Outcome of the maturity level of project offices; the result provides a market benchmark; feedback to the participants
  • Define current levels of development and identify new development actions;
  • Increase the recognition of PMO;
  • Assessment of the base line in case of manager or organisational change

Steps of the survey

  1. Completing the questionnaire in person or via a virtual channel (Data Collection) -Both parties -> 1,5
  2. Data evaluation, representation on a scale, comparison with the benchmark- Profexec professionals -> 3 h
  3. Feedback of results, discussion on high level Gaps and improvements – Both parties -> 1,5 h
  4. Consulting on eliminating Gaps in detail (additional service)

Tools of the PMO Maturity Survey

  • Approach methodology: operational, tactical, strategic

  • Representation on a scale so that the level of maturity of the PMO can be compared to other companies:

  • Heat map representation, purpose and current status presentation: