PMO competence development plan through understanding the maturity of the organisational project culture


PMO leaders need to make development plans to their leaders from time to time. Profexec can help you with that! We hold a free 3-4 hour workshop with the PMO leader and key people, which aims to determine what project management culture the organization is working in the graduation phase, which areas should be strengthened and what PMO functions are needed for this. This way you know what competencies you need to develop in the PMO in order to be the leader of organizational project culture development.


Organizational project culture survey to see the level of development of the project culture in the organization surrounding the PMO.

PMO competency assessment in order to identify the capabilities that need to be developed at the PMO in order to conduct the expected project culture developments by the PMO.


The relevant and up-to-date questions of our questionnaire needed to be answered. We process the topic in the form of a workshop. You can expect an immediate result.

Who do we recommend it to?

PMO Manager or PMO Organizational Supervisor

Why us?

  • Tens of years of PMO and organizational development managers, we have internships in multinational and SME environments, and as consultants we have participated in several projects where we have developed and successfully supported the PMO operation and portfolio management system.
  • In addition to our consulting work, we also carry out an organizational project culture assessment, through which we have an insight into the operation of many organizations and PMO
  • We are practice project managers with strong PMI ( methodology, experience and qualifications
  • We operate PMO ( and PM ( knowledge sharing forums, keep up to date with the latest project management trends, best practices and market benchmarks


A free product that would give the PMO manager (or similar responsibility) more tangible results/ideas to improve the operation of the project office.


A/ Organizational project culture: an organizational heat map showing the development status of the most important project management tasks from the simplest to the most complex.

B/ PMO competence heat map showing the current competences of the PMO and identifying the development actions that will be carried out to manage the changes in the project culture.

C/ Action proposals for the development of the PMO

When should you choose this?

  • If you want to see what competencies need to be developed (empowerment, capabilities, capacity) in order to be able to make organizational project culture improvements
  • If your manager needs to put down an organizational development plan and you are looking for additional reasons for this (to increase the number of employees, to increase the education budget)
  • If you want to assess what it takes to be a fresh leader for a successful PMO operation at all

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