Microsoft Project Training

Microsoft Project Training

We keep all our trainings both on-site or interactive on-line form.

The two-day course is completely practice-oriented, no presentation, we only work in MS Project. The topics – based on prior agreement – are tailored to the current level of knowledge of the participants. In addition to the sample projects used during the training, it is also possible to use the participants’ own project plans.

Who do we recommend it to?

To everybody who actively use MS Project in their daily work and want to gain immediate, practical knowledge


After prior consultation, it consists of the following topics:



Practicing and prospective project managers, as well as for all managers working in project organizations.

Duration  16 hours
Workshop, interactive common practicing using own MS office application
Price  HUF 150 000 + VAT
Discounted price***  HUF 135 000 + VAT
Date  June 8-9, 2023.

*Specific start time based on applicants’ needs.
**The advertised training will be launched when 10 people apply.  


Profexec certificate 

About the trainer 

Csaba Nagy

Trainer, hardware engineer, project manager

My name is Csaba Nagy, I am a hardware engineer, project manager, optimizer of processes.

I have worked in very different industries, where my main mission has always been to make the given system work as efficiently as possible.

I have helped to put processes in order in pharmaceutical companies and in the IT sector. I've built a team and network, and I've had to delve into the world of marketing and sales. In addition, I have 12 years of programming experience and hundreds of hours of teaching experience.

I have been managing projects since 2006. I love this job because no two missions are the same, and even two days are the same. Each time, something completely new comes up, while there are a lot of problems that need to be solved.

Because I learn quickly and can easily delve into even the most specialized topics – be it washing powder production or space technology – I can take a project in almost any field.

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