Emotional intelligence and stress management

Emotional intelligence and stress management

What we offer

The course will help participants to develop an attitude of empathy and acceptance by enabling them to identify and manage different emotions. 

By raising emotional awareness, participants will improve their stress management skills. 

The course will assist to improve social interactions, communication, and the spread of cooperative thinking at the workplace.

The announced training will be launched if at least 10 people apply. 




Project managers, project team members and colleagues planning to develop their stress management skills. 

Duration  2 days (09:00 - 17:00)

Role playing, interactive presentation and video techniques, cognitive evaluation, framing, case studies review within group coaching sessions. 

Price  HUF 125 000 Ft + VAT
Discounted price***  HUF 112 500 + VAT
Date  May 17-18, 2023

*Specific start time based on applicants’ needs.
**The advertised training will be launched when 10 people apply.  


Profexec certificate 

About the trainer 

Gábor Holló Phd


My name is Gábor Holló. My main areas of interest are the various patterns of human behavior, the laws of human cognition and information processing, and their application in everyday life. In addition, as a biologist, my main field of research is the evolution of the symmetry of terrestrial fauna. In total, I have been engaged in training and education in various forms for more than 20 years; for twelve years I was a lecturer at the Institute of Psychology of the University of Debrecen. I try to turn my biological-psychological knowledge and experience of human information processing into practical skills so that the participants of the trainings can return home enriched with real knowledge. In the trainings, I am also happy to deal with high-profile issues if the group sees fit.

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