Interactive project management solutions training

Interactive project management solutions training

What we offer

Corporate training

We keep all our trainings both on-site or interactive on-line form.

Our training is different from the usual in that participants understand the methods of handling problems in their own organization through practical examples. After the workshop, they can return to work with practical solutions. We will answer where and what the benefits of the project approach are. We review the basic processes of project management, the relationship between projects and organizational operations, and also try to use basic soft skill skills. Our practical project management workshop is an advanced interractive training in team work.

The workshop participants can develope their knowledge in the following area:

  • Obtaining practical solutions for their challenging project situations based on the knowledge and experience of the participants. For this the share of experience between participants is moderated by our professional trainer.
  • The newest trends and subjects of project management giving new energy and ideas for the participants

Who do we recommend it to?

For practising project managers, organisational leaders, acting project managers



Practicing project managers, project sponsors, project team members and project management leader
Duration  12 hours
Presentations, case studies, best practices, common problem solving, example projects, project simulation
Price* HUF 170 000 + VAT
Discounted price HUF 153 000 + VAT
Date** By appointment

*The price of the training does not include the exam fee.
**Specific start time based on applicants’ needs.
The advertised training will be launched when 10 people apply.


Profexec certificate 

About the trainer 

Imre Szalay

senior consultant, PMP®

After 25 years from graduating with mathematical and informatics degree (Attila József University) and software development (SZÁMKI, SZÁMALK) I have been working on projects.

Not with standing the transformation of Digital, Compaq, HP, I have successfully worked as a leader in the design and execution of projects in the systems integration, implementation and consulting projects business of the current domestic subsidiary. In addition to projects, portfolios and governance, in Vodafone I was also responsible for Process Management (Lean, Six Sigma).

In my spare time, I also volunteer, and as the founding president of PMI Budapest, the Hungarian Member, I participated in several professional initiatives (Hungarian PMBOK, Project Manager of the Year Award) and events (PM Forum, Art Of Projects). As an expert I worked, lectured and researched in several areas of project management (methodologies, success criteria, models, agility, portfolio management).

At Profexec Services I strive to share these experiences without having to re-experience every single mistake.

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