Advanced Scrum Master Training

Advanced Scrum Master Training

We keep all our trainings both on-site or interactive on-line form.

On-site 1 “kick off” day, online 14 quarter days – 36 PDU

The company has already started of Agile operation, but are jams common? Do you need deeper and more comprehensive knowledge to solve complex situations? Here is the chance for practicing Scrum Masters to improve to an advanced level.

What we offer

At the start of the training, we hold an all-day (8-hour) Advanced Agile Workshop, where we process with the participants why the Agile approach is needed, what its advantages are and what its potential challenges are. We have a common understanding of the role of the Scrum framework and the role of the named roles.

Then, as part of a regular two-hour online gathering a week, we provide the opportunity to continue the discussions with an experienced Agile Coach based on the practical and theoretical questions of the participants. Meetings can be enriched by the co-processing of short videos, articles, or even books related to agile topics.

The structure of these meetings allows the most important issues for the majority to come to the forefront, and even ideas that can be applied immediately help the participants’ daily work.

The aim is to provide participants with a regular opportunity to process Agile-themed issues together, while at the time integrating self-learning and development into their daily routines.

We would also like to provide the opportunity to meet the individual consultation, coaching/mentoring needs that may arise during the program.

The experience of trainers during several years of Agile introductions and in companies that already use Agile operations guarantees that the training focuses on practical, real-life solutions and helps to avoid typical pitfalls.


Who do we recommend it to?

For those with at least 6 months of practical Scrum Master experience



Those with at least half a year of practical Scrum Master experience
Duration  On-site 1" kick-off" day (8 hours), online 14 quarter days (2-2 hours) (36 hours-36 PDU) The date of the first training day is fixed, after the days can be formed on the basis of needs/discussions.
Theroretical presentation, practical interactiv workshop, example projects
Price* HUF 290.000 + VAT
Discounted price HUF 261.000 + VAT
Date** By appointment

*The price of the training does not include the exam fee.
**Specific start time based on applicants’ needs.
The advertised training will be launched when 10 people apply.


Profexec certificate 

About the trainer 

Nándor Kemény

Certified Scrum Professional®-ScrumMaster, PMP®, tréner, coach, agilis projektvezetési szakértő, fejlesztő tanácsadó

Több, mint 20 év hazai és nemzetközi tapasztalattal. Dolgoztam külföldön és itthon is,  multinacionális nagyvállalatoknál és családias jellegű beszállítóknál is.

A Lean-Agile értékek lelkes képviselője és hírvivője vagyok; született szolgáló-vezető és tréner.

Személyes küldetésem, hogy szervezetek vezetőinek és csapatainak segítsek bizalomra alapuló, motiváló, örömteli – ezáltal kiemelkedően eredményes – munkahelyek kialakításában, organikus és Lean-Agile alapelvek mentén.

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