PMO Coaching Hotline

PMO is an organisation responsible for project culture development, project and portfolio management processes. The PMO leader can act on the whole organization through this, so every step he takes and communicates is crucial. A PMO leader is often “lonely” in that organization.

The PMO leader functions as a bridge between implementation and strategy; however experienced they may be, they have to manage this dual influence properly, it may need feedback on its ideas, advice (coach) support from experts who have up-to-date market benchmarks and best practices and can help with the support of the outside eye.

Typically, the following problems and management needs are present for our customers:

  • PMO manager should make a strategic proposal to management on organisation transformation, development, headcount and competence development needs – PMO strategic proposals
  • Project portfolio statuses, preparation of decision preparations for monitoring – Portfolio statements, presentations for senior managers
  • Project reporting method not developed – Development of project reporting preparatory processes, preparation of the introduction of a PM/PMO support tool, concepts, policies, etc.
  • Benchmark information is needed on the operating conditions of projects- studies, technical materials
  • Project operational support processes need to be improved, monitoring tools missing – Project culture maturity assessment and development proposals
  • Operational proposals for projects: declined – reviewing and rethinking proposals

In the course of our service we operate a direct line where our clients can contact us for advice on the above topics. We can help you by:

  • Verbal consultation, counselling, coaching, joint problem management
  • Written opinion of documents and plans
  • Proposal for structures, structures, processes, diagrams from good practice
  • Preparation of presentations and professional materials

Who do we recommend it to?

  • PMO managers, project directors, portfolio managers, senior project managers who want to consult external experts in solving a specific task, whether in an enterprise or SME environment

Why us?

  • We have tens of years of PMO and organisation development management, traineeships in multinational and SME environments; as consultants we have been involved in several projects where we have developed and successfully supported the implementation of the PMO operation and portfolio management system.
  • In addition to our consultancy work, we also carry out an organisational project culture survey, which gives us an insight into the workings of many organisations and PMO
  • We are training project managers for a strong PMI ( built methodology experience and qualifications
  • PMO ( and PM ( knowledge-sharing forums, we are up to date with the latest project management trends, best practices and market benchmarks

Our offering

We have developed two service packages depending on the urgency of the tasks to be solved:

  • Critical, when we need to respond to a request within 24 hours and focus solely on the specific task until a solution is found
  • Normal when there is a custom agreed reaction resolution timeframe

If you are interested in our service, please contact us at the +36306543772 phone number or at