About us

The main field of activities of Profexec Services Ltd (Profexec) are Information and Communication Technology (ICT) consultancy and services, focusing on the following areas:

Profexec Services Ltd. has an experienced team with many references. We provide professional services with trained and qualified collegues.

Our mission is to act as a professional ICT consultant and service provider, whom our customers can count on in all circumstances.

Why clients choose us?

Our colleagues have more than 15 years experience on the field of project management; we never compromise on quality.
Agility, flexibility, fast adaptation to market needs and changes, and taking actions in time, are essential today in order to stay competitive.
We organize complex problems in a structure as simple as possible, so our solution is focused and competitive.



Training calendar

Name of the training Duration Price Discounted price Date
Crisis Management – Project management from Home Office – on-site or live webinar
8 hours (8 PDU) HUF 110 000 Ft +VAT HUF 99 000 Ft + VAT From the 15th of April 2020* (The exact start date depends on the actual number of participants)
Practical Project Management Workshop with Case Studies – live webinar
12 hours (12 PDU) HUF 170 000 Ft + VAT HUF 153 000 + VAT From the 15th of April 2020 (The exact start date depends on the actual number of participants)
Efficient portfolio management and project management office
16 hours (16 PDU) 189 000 Ft + VAT 170 100 Ft + VAT 2019. january 21-22.
How to become agile? Agile project management
16 hours (16 PDU) 180 000 Ft + VAT 162 000 Ft + VAT 2019. february 18-19.

Organisational memberships

Knowledge sharing forums