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Zoltán Sándor Phd

Managing Partner, PMP®, PMI-ACP®

I have more than 15 years of experience in Information Communication Technology (ICT) engineering and management, which I gained in a domestic and international environment with multinational companies.

My main area of expertise is project and program management, and my experience and qualifications in this area make me personally credible to my clients and partners.

I graduated from the Microwave Department of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, where I also obtained a PhD degree.

I also earned an MBA degree in Finance and Management from the same University. The theme of my thesis was “Turnkey Project Management in Mobile Communications”.

At Profexec Services together with my team my aim is to help our clients to achieve and maintain their competitiveness in the most professional way possible.

Andrea Varga

Head of Operations

I graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics with a degree in economics. After twelve years in the environment, three years in construction and less than two years in energy, I came to the IT sector with a strong background in finance, operations management and crisis management. I believe in teamwork, good communication, the importance of improvement and as Churchill put it, “Attitude is a simple thing, but what you do makes a difference.”

Anna Fehér

Head of Recruitment

Kálmán Kovács

MBA, Senior Consultant

I graduated from Corvinus University with a degree in finance.

I gained almost 30 years of professional experience in a financial (banking and investment service) multinational environment and 5 years in the Hungarian SME sector.

I have 23 years of leadership experience as a senior management team member in organizations, financial and back office management, institutional organization, organizational development management, project and portfolio management. My main projects are the organizational merger of financial institutions, the management of subsequent changes, crisis management, strategy and business model development.

I believe that only a person who has professional and managerial experience can be a good consultant, on the basis of which he can pass on his personal experiences and feelings to his clients.

Tamás-Varga Péter

IT recruiter

I completed my higher education in human resources, I started my first job as an HR assistant during the last semester, then I moved into an international team and worked as a Sourcing for a while. I have been working as an IT Recruiter since 2022, and I have been fortunate to work on both technical and business projects. My strengths include communication and flexibility, I like challenging projects. What motivates me is when I see the end of a successful project, the placement of a professional. A positive feedback can always make my day.

Helga Kaiser

IT Recruiter

I obtained my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Eötvös Loránd University. I believe that my background in the humanities provided a strong foundation for my later career in recruitment. After completing my studies, I gained my first work experience at recruitment agencies, starting out in a Sourcer position. As time went on, I became increasingly interested in the corporate side of recruitment, leading me to join a Hungarian software company where I expanded my role to work as an IT Recruiter. Recently, I joined the team at Profexec Services, where I work daily to connect candidates with the latest job opportunities that best suit their skills and interests.

Juhász Rita

IT Researcher

I graduated as a Japanese Teacher from Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary. I have more, than

10 years of experience as a Japanese Translater and Interpreter. Meanwhile, I have been considering on a career transition,

finally I choosed Recruitment in HR. Later, for 3 years I was growing from Talent Sourcer to Recruiter in variant fields.

Recently, I specialized in the field of IT Recruitment within Profexec Services.

Szilárd Balássy

Sales Manager

Cintia Bóka

Marketing and Business Development Associate

Júlia Cseh

Financial controller

I graduated from University of Pannonia with a degree in social studies. I have always been human-minded and interested in the processes/changes taking place in society. Besides, I have also gained a lot of useful information in the field of project management in recent times, and I hope that thanks to my good communication skills, I can also contribute to the successful cooperation of Profexec Services Kft. through smooth processes.

Klaudia Vámos

Operational Administrator

As a correspondence university student, besides my studies, I have more than 2 years of administrative experience in the team of Profexec Services Kft., where my goal is to use the knowledge I have acquired so far to benefit the growth of the company, and it is also important for me to expand my current knowledge. One of my most important competencies is helpfulness, so our clients are guaranteed quick and trouble-free cooperation.

András Luczay

Projectmanager & Trainer

Up until now I have mostly worked for large, multinational companies. I started my career as a business consultant of banking treasury systems and I led the system implementation and support teams of a banking systems company in the Central-Europe region for 8 years. I have seen many projects in a relatively large number and variety of organizations, I have also run quite a few of them. I am a practitioner of psychodrama self-knowledge method and I am running self-awareness psychodrama groups. This experience has greatly shaped the way I look at any work or project situation nowadays. I consider connectedness of people to be a pre-requisite for the successful completion of any piece of work.  Apart from the technology, the specific industry expertise and all sort of resources all being available available, organizational know-how is also important. Know-how covers all the methodological toolkit and the essential techniques being necessary for the success of a project. The continuous, practice-oriented development of the project team members plays a key role here. I firmly believe in life-long learning and continuous improvement, that has an impact on individual satisfaction and ultimately on the success of projects. My mission is to construct and maintain a high quality training portfolio to help our clients with essential know-how to run projects more smoothly.

Ben-Redouane Billal

Senior Project Manager, Mentor, Lead Consultant, Vice President of Professional Programs at PMI Budapest, Hungarian Chapter.

Billal has over 15 years of experience in international project management and information security, primarily supporting large corporations. He leverages his practical leadership experience in continuous innovation and AI-supported project management.

Roland Gulyás


I have gained experience in multinational and start-up companies in both domestic and international environments. I specialise in the optimisation and standardisation of organisational processes and the implementation of IT solutions based on these processes to reduce organisational costs. As part of this process, I have dealt with the communication, legal context, recruitment, setting up and stabilisation of new organisations based on business metrics.

My experience has been gained in the IT Services, FMCG, Telecom, Energy industries.

My main objective is to ensure that everyone is in the right position to support their professional and personal objectives, helping their organisation to exceed its goals.

Margarita Barabás

Senior Business Analyst, SAP Certified SD Associate

I have almost 20 years of multinational data management and migration experience implementing various softwares for FMCG companies. Being fond of diversity and challenges I have always thrived in a fast-paced project environment since the beginning of my career.

I am a great believer in the necessity of life long learning and I enjoy acquiring new knowledge and experience. Having worked in developing as well as economically stable countries I am at ease in many different cultures. Apart from my native Hungarian I am a fluent speaker in three foreign languages.

I am so glad I found Profexec, through their services I have already worked on several exciting projects and helped our customers to improve their business functions.

András Györe


In 2012 I graduated with a master’s degree in City and Rural development from the University of Szeged. I started my career at an IT service desk, performing 1st and 2nd line support, then process development and general management tasks, where I gained knowledge and experience in ITIL and SixSigma methodology. I participated in the management of projects for development of new IT systems and updating of existing ones, currently managing lifecycle IT projects.

Nándor Kemény

Certified Scrum Professional®-ScrumMaster, PMP®, tréner, coach, agilis projektvezetési szakértő, fejlesztő tanácsadó

Több, mint 20 év hazai és nemzetközi tapasztalattal. Dolgoztam külföldön és itthon is,  multinacionális nagyvállalatoknál és családias jellegű beszállítóknál is.

A Lean-Agile értékek lelkes képviselője és hírvivője vagyok; született szolgáló-vezető és tréner.

Személyes küldetésem, hogy szervezetek vezetőinek és csapatainak segítsek bizalomra alapuló, motiváló, örömteli – ezáltal kiemelkedően eredményes – munkahelyek kialakításában, organikus és Lean-Agile alapelvek mentén.

Csilla Dudás

Senior Business Analyst

I am a Business Analytics and Reporting professional with over 15 years of experience in leadership, project management and business partner roles. I have functional and technical experience in implementation of reporting and analytical solutions for multinational organizations.

I specialize in the FMCG sector. I have worked in multiple process areas such as finance, logistics, marketing and procurement, and managed large teams in challenging business environments.

My functional and project management experience was gained as a member of teams implementing complex business software systems both in Europe and Asia.

Together with my colleagues at Profexec Services, my goal is to deliver an unparalleled level of service to our clients by establishing a collaborative relationship and helping them identify, analyze and solve complex business and operational problems.

I am a business graduate with an emphasis in finance and I consider myself a lifelong learner.


Kornél Nagy

MBA, PMP, PMI-ACP, SPC, Agile Coach, Tréner

Oktatónk 2008-ban lett projektvezető, telekommunikációs, energiaipari és szoftverfejlesztési területeken dolgozott. 2013-ban PMP©, 2015-ben MSP, 2017-ben pedig PMI-ACP© képesítést szerzett. Szerkesztője volt a PMI Agile Practice Guide magyar fordításának, több éve tart prediktív és adaptív projektvezetési képzéseket Magyarországon és külföldön egyaránt, magyar és angol nyelven. Az elmúlt években magyar vállalatok agilis transzformációjának támogatásában is részt vett tanácsadóként. Azon kevés magyarországi trénerek egyike, akik SAFe oktatási licence-szel rendelkeznek. LinkedIn profil: itt.

Aidan Mills

Freelance IT Consultant / Project and Program Manager / Agile Coach & Delivery Manager, BSc, MBCS, PMP®

With over 15 years’ experience as an IT Project Manager I have managed a huge variety of projects and programs covering both applications and infrastructure roll-outs. I currently work as an Agile Delivery Manager and Agile Coach working with business and technical teams to deliver leading-edge Robotics and AI solutions for a major global drinks company, transitioning the delivery organization from Waterfall to Agile ways of working.

I spent my early career in COBOL applications development and support of mainframe banking systems including time working as a DBA (IMS/DB2).
I then moved into IT Service Management and spent some time as an IT Service Manager, obtaining my ITIL Manager’s Certificate in 2000 (upgraded to ITIL V3 Expert in 2011). I chose to focus on Project Management in the early 2000’s becoming a certified PMI-PMP® in 2009 and I have worked primarily as a Project / Program Manager since 2004.

From 2008-2010, I studied and used Lean Six Sigma techniques becoming an HP-certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. During 2010, I began working on Agile as well as Waterfall projects and I obtained my Scrum Master’s certificate in 2012. I have worked extensively on global engagements and I am used to working collaboratively with remote teams. On my current engagement I use Disciplined Agile methodology which more comprehensively addresses organizational needs across project life cycles, recognizing and leveraging DevOps techniques as well.

I have successfully managed and delivered projects ranging from financial systems, data analytics applications and IT infrastructure projects, latter including CoLo data center selection and build-out. I am experienced in managing IT projects and programs across a range of sectors including banking and finance, telecommunications, retail and logistics, also Not-For-Profit (UN). I am an experienced ServiceNow PM having managed two end-to-end ServiceNow introductions from selection through to deployment, one in the outsourced customer services sector for Transcom and one for UNICEF.

My roles typically require significant cross-functional communication and I am highly skilled in coordinating and managing multi-disciplinary teams. I work with C-level teams and external consulting partners (e.g. Deloitte, Cap Gemini, etc) to define strategy and create portfolio plans, then creating, coordinating and delivering the detailed project plans with business and technical teams, ensuring project governance and reporting along the way.

Gábor Holló Phd


My name is Gábor Holló. My main areas of interest are the various patterns of human behavior, the laws of human cognition and information processing, and their application in everyday life. In addition, as a biologist, my main field of research is the evolution of the symmetry of terrestrial fauna. In total, I have been engaged in training and education in various forms for more than 20 years; for twelve years I was a lecturer at the Institute of Psychology of the University of Debrecen. I try to turn my biological-psychological knowledge and experience of human information processing into practical skills so that the participants of the trainings can return home enriched with real knowledge. In the trainings, I am also happy to deal with high-profile issues if the group sees fit.

Attila Martinovics

Imre Szalay

senior consultant, PMP®

After 25 years from graduating with mathematical and informatics degree (Attila József University) and software development (SZÁMKI, SZÁMALK) I have been working on projects.

Not with standing the transformation of Digital, Compaq, HP, I have successfully worked as a leader in the design and execution of projects in the systems integration, implementation and consulting projects business of the current domestic subsidiary. In addition to projects, portfolios and governance, in Vodafone I was also responsible for Process Management (Lean, Six Sigma).

In my spare time, I also volunteer, and as the founding president of PMI Budapest, the Hungarian Member, I participated in several professional initiatives (Hungarian PMBOK, Project Manager of the Year Award) and events (PM Forum, Art Of Projects). As an expert I worked, lectured and researched in several areas of project management (methodologies, success criteria, models, agility, portfolio management).

At Profexec Services I strive to share these experiences without having to re-experience every single mistake.

Gábor Lipi

PMP®, Senior Consultant

I graduated from the Budapest University of Technology in 1992 with a degree in computer science and electrical engineering. In the 90s, I worked for software development companies at home and abroad as a programmer. The most decisive of these was Sysdata Kft. (Siemens subsidiary), where in addition to the developments, I also managed groups and coordinated project work.

I gained my really grounded project management knowledge and experience at Szinergia Kft., In whose team between 1998 and 2014 I worked as a project manager, consultant and trainer for clients covering almost all areas of the economy. My work not only helped the operational management of certain projects, but also strategically, aimed at the design or development of an organizational level resource management and portfolio management system.

I passed the PMP certification exam in early 2003 and have been completing my fifth 3-year certification cycle since then. Before 2003, there was no organized preparation program for PMI exams in Hungary, so I was the first to develop the program in Hungary with a synergetic colleague. In the more than 15 years that have passed since then, I have tried to help nearly 2,000 project management professionals prepare for successful exams. Since 2011, I have been building Internet businesses on my own, and I try to bring together all aspects of its continuous development in a project-like and targeted manner:

PMP and CAPM exam preparation courses
Investment gold retail, sales
Investment gold repurchase

I fully believe that things with us are up to us and our decisions shape our world. Particularly responsible and challenging is the position of project managers, who are really in a position from which they can do things right or wrong, but can influence the way things are going. I agree with PMI’s approach that the competence of a successful project manager consists of three components: Project management knowledge – knowledge of connections, processes and methods. Applicability – the ability and willingness to apply existing management knowledge during project work. Inspiring personality – a positive personality and attitude stemming from a personality that helps the project team to swing through ongoing difficulties. I think all three components can be developed for everyone – I hope we will have the opportunity to meet in person to make sure!

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